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 Steeped in history and one of the oldest cities of the world, Istanbul has something   for everyone.  In its time it was the capital of three empires - Byzantine, Roman and  Ottaman- today Istanbul honours and preserves its past while embracing the future.

Brief history:

 The unique geography of the 35-kilometer (22 miles) Bosphorus Straits, with its sloping shores, running almost due north-south, was once thought to be where two worlds met.  Eventually this idea defined what we now know as the continents.  Istanbul is located at the crossraods of what were two great military and naval routes, connecting Europe with Asia minor and the Mediterranean with the Black Sea.  Contol of this region made Istanbul one of the most sought after cities of the ancient world.  Over the centuries Istanbul has had many rulers, each leaving their mark.  In the Byzantine Empire, Istanbul grew and prospered, so much so that the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed and renamed it as "Constantinopolis" .  It became the eastern capital of  the Roman Empire and the Christian Orthadox church, until it fell to Mehmed the Conqueror in 1453 and became the Capitol of the Ottomam Empire. Following the First World War and the decline of the Ottoman Empire Istanbul and indeed all of Turkey was a nation in need of restructure and leadership. Turkey was to find this leadership in the form of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the formation of The Republic of Turkey in 1923. As part of Atatürks reformation of Turkey he re-located the nations capitol to Ankara but Istanbul will always be the heart of the country.


Places to see:

 Istanbul is an international art and cultural centre.  Ruled by both the Christian and Islamic faiths for long periods, the duality can now be seen in many of the attractions such as the great cathedral of Aya Sophia and the great mosques such as the Blue Mosque and the Suleymaniye.  Other landmarks and must see places when you come over for our wedding are  Topkapi Palace, The Hippodrome,  Dolmabahce, The Cistern, The Obelisk of Theodosius,  Ortaköy, The Valens Aquaduct...... the list is endless. Istanbul is such an ancient city that new archealogical discoveries are found on almost a daily basis. Also there is some fantastic shopping and bargains to be had at The Grand Bazaar, Spice Market and numerous shopping Malls and districts.



 At night there are many wonderful restaurants along the Bosphorus that serve  great food and play live  music.  Jazz is very popular in the city and there are  many jazz clubs, discos and  theatres. Whether your preference is the atmosphere  and ambience of the 'Old' city or the hustle and bustle of the 'New' city Istanbul  truly caters for all tastes.